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Xi Jinping said on Wednesday China is f▓ully confident in China-Brazil cooperation and stands ready to achieve common prosperity with Brazil.Xi mad▓e the remarks when meeting here with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.Noting that Bolsonaro paid a successful state visit to China in October, Xi ▓said the consensus reached by the two sides is being actively implemented.At the recently concluded second China International Import Expo (CI▓IE), the trans

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action volume of Brazilian businesses grew 3.6 times compared with that at the first CIIE last year, Xi said, calling the results gratifying.As the largest emerging-market country in the eastern and western hemispheres, respectively, Xi said, China and Brazil share bro▓ad common interests.China is optimis▓tic about Bra

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  • s China's opening-up commitment ▓at import expoXi propose
  • s "humanity ▓first," reaffirms China's opening-up commitm
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o follow us on WechatChinese P resident Xi Ji nping said o▓ n Wednesday China is fully confident in Ch ina-Brazil coopera tion and stands ready to achieve common prosperity with Brazil.China rea dy to achieve common▓ prosperity with Bra zil: XiChina r eady to ach▓i eve common prosperity with Brazil: Xi11▓-14-2019 10:08 BJTBRASILI A, Nov. 13 -- Chines▓ e President 星子县wap 范县wap 冀州市wap 勃利县wap 泌阳县5G 左权县wap 五大连池市wap 电白县5G 磴口县wap 云浮市wap 黑山县5G 淮安市wap 凉城县5G 天全县5G 大宁县wap 花垣县5G 馆陶县5G 石首市wap 临清市5G 资源县5G 网通新开传奇私服 新开电信传奇私服 中变传奇私服开服表 仿盛大传奇私服客户端 魔侠传版本传奇私服 新开传奇私服天发布网 传奇私服架设教程自己玩单机 最新网页传奇私服开服表 传奇私服1.80合击 传奇私服1.80